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Why does Machevill say that he has come to England?

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What is Barabas's reaction to the news that all Jews must go to the senate- house?

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What excuse does the governor use to confiscate all of Barabas' estate?

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Why does Barabas mock the knight's assertion that it would be "simple policy"—i.e. foolish strategy—to break the league with the Turks?

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Which one of Abigail's qualities does Mathias praise to Lodowick?

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What treasure does Abigail recover from her father's house?

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Where did Del Bosco capture the Turkish slaves?

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Which jewel does Lodowick refer to Abigail as?

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Why does Barabas choose to buy Ithamore instead of the other slave?

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Why does Barabas tell Abigail "It is no sin to deceive a Christian"?

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Why has the courtesan Bellamira's business dried up?

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When does Abigail decide she wants to convert to Christianity?

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What does Barabas use to poison the convent?

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What does Barabas say when Ithamore asks him if he is grieved at Abigail's death?

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Why is Bernardine grieved by Abigail's death?

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Why does Barabas kill Bernardine and Jacomo?

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How does Ithamore attempt to bribe Barabas?

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How does Barabas disguise himself in order to poison Bellamira, Pilia-Borza, and Ithamore?

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What does Barabas demand when Ferneze sends him to jail?

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In what way does Barabas feign death?

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How does the Turkish army defeat Malta?

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Why does Barabas decide to make a deal with Ferneze?

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How much money does Ferneze give Barabas to free Malta?

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What adjectives would best describe Barabas's attitude as he dies?

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To whom or what does Ferneze credit Malta's deliverance?