1. Who is Lysistrata's next-door neighbor?

2. Why does Lysistrata say that she is ashamed to be a woman?

3. How do the men characterize the women?

4. What reason does Kleonike give Lysistrata for the women being late?

5. From what region is Myrrhine?

6. Where is Lampito from?

7. What does Lysistrata admire about the Korinthian Girl?

8. Why is Kleonike upset that the Milesians cut off the leather trade?

9. How does Lysistrata propose the women will make the men declare peace?

10. Why might the old women have been sent to seize the Akropolis?

11. What do the women sacrifice?

12. How does the Chorus of Men plan to get the women out of the Akropolis?

13. How does the Chorus of Women defeat the Chorus of Men in the first round of conflict between the choruses?

14. How does the Commissioner define the gift of women?

15. What does Lysistrata intend to do with the money from the treasury?

16. Why does Lysistrata remove her veil?

17. What does Lysistrata tell the Commissioner the women will first do to make peace in Athens?

18. What does Lysistrata compare with spinning wool?

19. Who is Myrrhine's husband?

20. What does the Chorus of Men repeatedly call for?

21. What is the meaning of the oracle?

22. In what condition do the Spartans arrive?

23. Why does Lysistrata tell the delegations they should make Peace?

24. What do the combined Choruses tell the audience?

25. What reason do the women give for leaving the Akropolis?

26. How does Myrrhine torment her husband?

27. Why does Lysistrata bring out her naked handmaid, Peace?

28. What part of Greece do Peace's legs represent?