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Which of the following is not a reason for Prometheus's punishment?

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Which character does not appear in the play?

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Which of these was least likely to influence Aeschylus in writing the play?

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Prometheus prophesies which of the following?

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Which of the following do not contribute to the image of Zeus as a tyrant?

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Zeus has servants whose names mean each of the following except

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Kratus states that Hephaestus should hate Prometheus because

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Whom has Zeus punished or threatened to punish?

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When does Prometheus propose to reveal his prophecy to Zeus?

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Which of the following does not contribute to the impression that Oceanus is not fully sincere in his desire to help Prometheus?

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What did Prometheus do when Zeus fought the Titans?

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Prometheus does not teach human beings how to

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In what order does Prometheus list the metals he taught humanity to mine?

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All of the following landmarks are named after Io except

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Which of the following is not part of Prometheus's future punishment?

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According to Hephaestus, why is Zeus so harsh in his punishments?

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Io is pursued by

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Io's descendants will not include

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The Oceanids defy Hermes when he orders them to

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Prometheus learned his prophecies from

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Which of the following does Hermes compare Prometheus to?

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Which of the following does the Chorus not endorse?

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When asked why he is being punished, Prometheus always does which of the following?

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With regard to his punishment, which of the following does Prometheus claim?

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Which of the following probably concluded the original Prometheus trilogy?