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Who owns the estate where the play takes place?

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Medvedenko is in love with whom?

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Who stars in Treplev's play?

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Who are the only characters who appreciate the merit of Treplev's play?

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Which set of characters comprise a love triangle in The Seagull?

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Which of the following characteristics best describe Arkadina?

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What does Nina yearn to become?

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What makes Nina's gift to Trigorin special?

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What is Trigorin's favorite hobby?

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Arkadina and Treplev taunt each other with lines from what play?

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In what decade does The Seagull take place?

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Treplev and Masha are both what?

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What happens to Nina and Trigorin's baby?

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Trigorin has an affair with Nina because

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Who does Masha marry?

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Paulina feels what emotion for her husband, Shamrayev?

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Which character is a doctor like the author, Chekhov?

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Who shoots the Seagull?

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How much does Arkadina tip the servants?

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What happens at the end of the play?

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Trigorin is a famous

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Treplev wants to create new forms in what medium?

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Dorn pretends the gunshot is what?

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Who of the following ends up with the person he/she loves?

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What happens to the seagull?

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What do Arkadina and Shamrayev argue about?