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Why does Gregers think his father hated his mother?

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What does Relling consider Hialmar's misfortune?

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Who is not at some point imagined as the wild duck?

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What was Mr. Sorby's profession?

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How long has it been since Gregers moved to the Hoidal works?

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What kind of animal does not reside in the garret?

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What game does Hedvig play in the kitchen?

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What is the wine the chamberlains discuss at Werle's party?

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For what did Ekdal go to prison?

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What is Ekdal's military rank?

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Who imagines himself as the "clever dog" who retrieves the wild duck from the water?

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When does the snowstorm begin?

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What does Hialmar give Hedvig as her gift from the dinner party?

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Who gives Hedvig the letter from Werle?

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What does Pettersen give Ekdal at the party?

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How many gunshots occur in the play?

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What instrument does Hialmar play?

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What object does not number among the Flying Dutchman's old possessions?

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Who according to Relling suffers from a "delirium of hero-worship?"

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Who, according to Relling, suffers from a disease of integrity?

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When did Gina have an affair with Werle?

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Who shot the wild duck?

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Who is the thirteenth at the table?

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When did Ibsen write The Wild Duck?

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Who does not at some point consider killing themselves with the pistol?