1. Who are the authors of The Federalist?

2. In what state was The Federalist originally published?

3. What was the original purpose of the publication of essays contained in The Federalist?

4. When did the first Federalist essay appear in the newspaper?

5. What was the name of the newspaper in which the first Federalist essay appeared?

6. Which political group most supported the ideas expressed in The Federalist?

7. Which of the following forms of government did The Federalistsupport?

8. The Federalist is best described as

9. The Federalist argued in favor of the U.S. Constitution to replace the

10. The Federalist argues that the first United States government was

11. Delegates met at the Mt. Vernon convention to

12. The result of the Annapolis Convention was

13. Shays Rebellion served to

14. The beginning of the Constitutional Convention can be described as

15. Which of the following was responsible for ratifying the U.S. Constitution?

16. Who is Publius?

17. When did the U.S. Constitution become officially ratified?

18. Which of the authors of The Federalist became President of the United States?

19. Which of the following leaders are correctly associated with their views on the U.S. Constitution?

20. Which of the following authors is correctly matched with their job?

21. Who killed Alexander Hamilton?

22. What was one of the biggest weakness of the Articles of Confederation as described in The Federalist?

23. According to Publius, which of the following is crucial to the security of liberty?

24. According the Publius, the minority was subject to the will of the majority in what way under the Articles of Confederation?

25. According to Publius, what is one thing that Americans have always had in common?

26. What is the most significant danger of a confederate government?

27. Which type of government will most likely lead to a military dictatorship?

28. What makes the American experiment with republican government better than the Greek and Roman attempts?

29. Montesquieu argued

30. A confederate republic can best be described as

31. What are the advantages of a strong union under the U.S. Constitution?

32. What are the arguments in support of a standing army?

33. What was wrong with the system of requisitions and quotas under the Articles of Confederation?

34. What is wrong with each state having equal representation in the Confederation Congress?

35. On what grounds might the Articles of Confederation be invalid?

36. What is necessary to ensure the common defense?

37. Why is a state like New York more burdened with the national defense than other states?

38. Which of the following best describes the system of taxation under the U.S. Constitution?

39. What argument does Publius use to sooth fears about a standing army and taxation in the hands of the central government?

40. What argument does Publius use in response to the criticism that the people will be burdened with too many tax collectors?

41. Why will the government be composed of merchants, learned professions and landholders?

42. What is the difference between a federal government and a national government?

43. Which of the following accurately describes the part of the proposed government that is national and the part that is federal?

44. On what grounds was the Constitutional Convention justified in throwing out the Articles of Confederation?

45. What power does the central government gain in regards to slavery under the U.S. Constitution?

46. What power does the central government gain in regards to naturalization under the U.S. Constitution?

47. According to Publius, what authority should the central government have over the capital?

48. What requirements are placed on the governments of the individual states?

49. In what ways do the state governments benefit from the federal government?

50. Why is it significant that American citizens have the right to bear arms, and European citizens do not?

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