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1. What party did President Truman belong to?

2. What party did MacArthur belong to?

3. What party did Eisenhower belong to?

4. What is the capital of North Korea?

5. What is the capital of South Korea?

6. Where did MacArthur make his famous amphibious assault?

7. Who was the leader of North Korea?

8. Who was the leader of South Korea?

9. Which general replaced MacArthur after Truman dismissed him in 1951?

10. This Commander of the Eighth Army died in a car accident in Korea.

11. The Parallel dividing North from South Korea is:

12. Which group unanimously backed Truman's dismissal of MacArthur?

13. This document contained the flawed reasoning that suggested that the US should cross the 38th Parallel into North Korea.

14. Where did Truman meet with his top advisors during 1950?

15. Who was Truman's secretary of state?

16. What valuable territory lay to the north of Korea's Yalu river?

17. To which island did the Chinese Nationalists flee after being defeated by Mao and the Chinese Communists?

18. What kind of Soviet tanks did the North Koreans use?

19. MacArthur and Truman met on this island to discuss policy.

20. What mistakes were US policymakers afraid of making again if they allowed the Korean invasion to go unchecked?

21. The ROK (South Korean) forces were pushed back to which major South Korean port at the beginning of the war?

22. It was at this former capital of ancient Korea that negotiations to end the war began.

23. The final treaty ending the Korean War was signed where?

24. Much of the slowdown in negotiations occurred as a result of what issue?

25. What did the UN class the North Korean invasion as?

26. Which one of the following figures was not obsessed with a unified Korea?

27. Who was the American ambassador to South Korea

28. Which one of the following was not a potential problem at the Inchon landing?

29. Who led the Chinese nationalists on Formosa?

30. The Treaty of Portsmouth in 1905 ended which war?

31. Who mediated the Treaty of Portsmouth?

32. What was the name of the Japanese force that occupied Manchuria during the 1930s and World War II?

33. Who did the Koreans hate most after World War II?

34. Which general improved conditions in MASH hospitals?

35. What was the name of MacArthur's marines used at Inchon?

36. What kind of power was North Korea famous for?

37. Who lead the PRC troops in Korea?

38. Which general was extremely egotistical and possibly manic-depressive?

39. Who did Eisenhower run against in the 1952 Presidential election?

40. Who was Eisenhower's secretary of state?

41. Who developed the hydrogen bomb first?

42. US policymakers feared Korea might be Stalin's "dress-rehearsal" for an invasion of?

43. What kind of war did Truman hope to pursue in Korea?

44. What condition did the Panmunjom treaty return Korea to?

45. MacArthur disliked Truman because Truman gave priority to which Cold War theater?

46. In 1988, the Olympics were held in which city?

47. In Operation Piledriver, which crucial Communist staging area did Ridgway target?

48. Who was the Soviet ambassador to North Korea?

49. Which word most accurately describes Rhee's regime in South Korea?

50. The largest US/UN/ROK prison camp for captured Communist soldiers was where?

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