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The election of 1816 marked

2. All of the following were components of Henry Clay’s American System except

3. Why did the Old World powers obey the Monroe Doctrine?

4. The Monroe Doctrine declared that

5. What did the Tallmadge Act do?

The 1820 Missouri Compromise achieved all of the following except

7. The Era of Good Feelings ended after

8. What tainted John Quincy Adams’s presidency?

9. The term “spoils system” refers to

10. Why did Andrew Jackson and western farmers hate the Bank of the United States?

11. Why did southerners dislike high tariffs on imported goods?

12. Why was Jackson outraged by South Carolina’s vote to nullify the Tariff of Abominations?

The tariff of 1833 was important primarily because

14. What heavily influenced John Calhoun’s “South Carolina Exposition and Protest”?

15. Jackson flagrantly disregarded a previous Supreme Court ruling when he

16. The Whigs supported all of the following except

What caused the Panic of 1837?

18. During the mid-nineteenth century, most immigrants to the United States came from

19. What did the Know-Nothing Party oppose?

20. Who blocked the annexation of Texas?

21. Democrats campaigned for all of the following except

22. What caused the Mexican War?

Mormons migrated to Utah in the 1840s and 1850s to escape persecution for their belief in

24. The religious revivalism of the antebellum period had its roots in

25. Where did Methodists and Baptists have the largest following?

Northern manufacturing blossomed between 1820 and 1840 because of

27. What did the Erie Canal link?

28. Dorothea Dix crusaded against

What was the main reason that Britain agreed to give the United States all of the Oregon Territory south of the 49th parallel?

Why did Whigs block the annexation of Texas in 1836?

31. Where were the majority of internal transportation improvements made during the antebellum period?

32. Cyrus McCormick’s mechanical mower-reaper stimulated agricultural production in the

What did many Americans in the mid-1800s believe they were “manifestly destined” to do?

34. Which movement did Joseph Smith found?

Whig party leaders expelled President John Tyler from the party in 1845 because he

36. What was the temperance movement’s greatest triumph?

37. John Marshall’s Supreme Court rulings generally

38. Many of the most prominent reformers during the antebellum period were

39. All of the following were consequences of Eli Whitney’s inventions except

40. What did Abraham Lincoln’s “spot resolutions” do?

41. The Mexican War

42. All of the following writers were active in the Transcendentalist movement except

43. Many critics have accused James K. Polk of starting the Mexican War in order to

44. Which of the following made major reforms in education?

45. The “Gag Resolution” in the House of Representatives temporarily banned discussion about

The murder of Reverend Elijah P. Lovejoy in 1837 demonstrated that

47. President Polk achieved all of the following during his four years in office except

48. The term “states’ rights” refers to the belief that

49. What was the primary characteristic of the Era of Good Feelings?

50. John Quincy Adams was the son of

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