1. Britain's response to the Continental System was what?

2. The practice of forcing captured sailors to serve in British naval crews was called what?

3. Which US ship was illegally attacked, detained, and boarded by a British ship in 1807, causing a major scandal?

4. This US ship fought bloody sea battle against the HMS Frolic:

5. Which one of the below countries was targeted by in the Non-Intercourse Act?

6. What area was dominated by the Federalist Party?

7. Jefferson and Madison were from which party?

8. Which of the following men was a leading member of the War Hawks?

9. Who served as Jefferson's Secretary of State?

10. Which city's harbor did Fort McHenry guard the entrance to?

11. Who wrote the Star-Spangled Banner?

12. Which smaller British vessel was the USS Constitution famous for defeating?

13. What is it called when a state evokes the principle of States' Rights and leaves the Union?

14. Which US region seemed most likely to secede during the War of 1812?

15. Instead of war in 1807, which President preferred an embargo?

16. Madison appointed an extremely incompetent person to his cabinet, to satisfy some political necessity. What position did this incompetent fill?

17. What was the name of James Madison's wife?

18. What is Madison's wife most famous for saving from the British?

19. What state did Henry Clay represent?

20. Which delegate to Ghent did Henry Clay most often disagree with?

21. What tribe was Tecumseh from?

22. What area was Tecumseh trying to protect from white settlement?

23. What was Tecumseh's brother called?

24. William Henry Harrison was most famous for which battle?

25. Andrew Jackson was also known by what moniker?

26. Which of Andrew Jackson's battles was fought completely unnecessarily?

27. Which American-Indian group was Andrew Jackson fighting in 1813 and during parts of 1814?

28. Which British commander led ground troops in battles against the US in Canada?

29. Who said, "We have met the enemy, and they are ours"?

30. Who successfully used cables to turn his ship around in a famous battle on Lake Champlain to beat an evenly matched British fleet?

31. Who was the victorious commander at the battle of Lake Erie?

32. Who was the losing commander at Lake Erie?

33. Which disastrous battle did US General William Winder "command"?

34. Which type of unit carried the day for the US at the battle of New Orleans?

35. What was Francis Scott Key's occupation?

36. Who commanded British ground forces at Bladensburg?

37. Which admiral commanded the failed British assault on Fort McHenry in 1814?

38. Which British general replaced Robert Ross after Baltimore, and was slow in arriving from Britain?

39. What was John Quincy Adams main role in the War of 1812?

40. Where was Tecumseh's headquarters located?

41. Andrew Jackson won a major victory against the Creek Indians at what battle?

42. Tecumseh died in which battle?

43. What was the Battle of Bladensburg often called, due to the swiftness of the American retreat?

44. What treaty ended the War of 1812?

45. What event meant the death knell of the Federalist Party?

46. Which state did NOT send a delegate to the Hartford Convention?

47. Which European leader most encouraged the Anglo-American negotiations at Ghent?

48. The War of 1812 sheltered and protected which sector of the US economy?

49. What did Henry Clay's "American System" include plans for?

50. Which of the following US War of 1812 military heroes went on to later become US President?

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