1814-1815: Congress of Vienna

1815: Corn Law in Great Britain

December 1816: Corn Law riots in London

1817: Buschenschaft holds congress at Wurtburg

1818: Prussian Zollverein created

1818: International Congress held at Aix-la-Chapelle

1818: Mary Shelley publishes Frankenstein

1819: Metternich initiates Carlsbad Decrees

1819: Peterloo Massacre

1820: Several members of Cato Street Conspiracy executed

1820s: British Radicalism gets underway

1820: Louis XVIII's nephew (the Duke de Berry) assassinated

1820: Te Congress of Troppau

1822: The Congress of Verona

1823: Munroe Doctrine

1824: Louis XVIII dies, Charles X becomes French king

1825: Decembrist Revolt put down in Russia, Nicholas I comes to power

1825: Robert Owen founds New Harmony, Indiana

1827: Anglo-French-Russian navy destroys Turkish fleet, helping Greek nationalists

1829: Nations of Europe recognize an independent Greece

1829: First truly successful locomotive tested

1830s: Gothic Revival in architecture

July 1830: Charles X passes "Four Ordinances" in France

July 1830: July Revolution in France. Charles X abdicates, Louis Philippe becomes French king

1831: Mazzini founds Young Italy

1832: Goethe completes Faust

1832: Parliament passes Reform Bill

1833: Factory Act restricts child labor (Great Britain)

1834: Poor Laws passed (Great Britain)

1838: Anti-Corn Laws League

1838: Chartist movement begins

1839: Chartist movement gains 1 million signatures

1840: Frederick William IV comes to power in Prussia

1840s: Corn Laws repealed

1840s: Railway construction begins in England and Europe

1842: Chartist movement gains 3 million signatures

1847: Ten Hour Act limits women and child labor to ten hours a day (Great Britain)

January 1848: Marx and Engels publish Communist Manifesto

February 1848: February Revolution in Paris, barricades in the streets

1848: Louis Napoleon Bonaparte becomes President of France

March 1848: Metternich, terrified of unrest, flees Vienna

March 15, 1848: Hungary granted independence within the Austrian Empire, revolutions begin throughout Eastern Europe

June 1848: Pan-Slavic Conference held in Prague

May 1848: Frankfurt Assembly

December 1848: Ferdinand of Austria abdicates, Franz Joseph becomes emperor

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