1. Place these events in chronological order:

2. For the following questions, select the author or artist of the work of literature or art named:
...Communist Manifesto

3. ...On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection

4. ...The Charge of the Light Brigade

5. Which of the following was NOT included in Alexander II's Great Reforms?

6. Which of the following countries was NOT part of the coalition of allies that defeated Russia in the Crimean War?

7. What does "Risorgimento" mean in Italian?

8. Who was the founder of the Young Italy organization?

9. What was at issue in the war Prussia and Austria fought against Denmark?

10. What was the main goal of the Frankfurt Assembly?

11. For the following questions, we will list an economic policy and you must select which political group would have supported such a proposal.
...Low or no tariffs

12. ...Low or no taxes on inherited land or wealth

13. ...Slavery

14. ...Meritocratic civil service.

15. Which of the following is an example of a "New Science"?

16. When did the Franco-Prussian War begin?

17. What was agreed to at the Peace of Paris of 1856, ending the Crimean War?

18. Which of the following countries did NOT experience an uprising in 1848?

19. What was the "banquet campaign"?

20. Which of the following was a major proximate cause of the revolutions of 1848?

21. Which of the following groups supported a return to law and order after the revolutions of 1848?

22. Which was the final province to be annexed into Italy to make the country complete?

23. Which of the following was an obstacle to German unification?

24. What does zemstvo mean in Russian?

25. Which of the following did the 1864 Judiciary Statute accomplish?

26. Who won the presidential election of 1848 in France?

27. When did the Frankfurt Assembly convene?

28. Which country was not involved in some way in the unification of Italy

29. According to Marx, how did capitalism create the seeds of its own demise?

30. Giuseppe Garibaldi and his democratic supporters liberated what Italian peninsular province?

31. Which country protected the Pope against a democratic putsch on Rome?

32. The calculated manipulation of diplomacy and politics through sometimes harsh and brutal methods is ___________.

33. When did Alexander II issue the Emancipation Edict?

34. Place these events in chronological order:

35. What was the name of the Mexican emperor set up by France?

36. What happened in the United States while the revolutions of 1848 ravaged Europe?

37. Which of the following men was NOT the leader of a major power from 1848-1871?

38. Which of the following was published in 1848?

39. Which of the following cities did NOT experience a revolution in 1848?

40. What was the main result of the revolutions of 1848 in Prussia?

41. Who led the 1848 revolution in Budapest?

42. Who among this group was a democrat?

43. Why did Sardinia join the French and British in the Crimean War?

44. March 14, 1861 is a famous date because...

45. Why was the Crimean War fought?

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