Feed is a YA dystopian novel by American writer M.T. Anderson, published in 2002. The story is narrated by Titus, the teenaged son of a wealthy American family. Set in a near-future where the Feednet (an advanced version of the internet) is connected to the brains of 75% of American citizens via a physical implant called the feed, the novel explores issues of commercial exploitation, corporate power, the moral use of information technology, and environmental decay. While spending Spring Break on the moon with his friends, Titus meets Violet Durn, a girl who had her feed implanted later in life, rather than at birth, like Titus. When their feeds are hacked, the teens must do briefly without their connection to the dazzling virtual world, changing their perspectives in dramatic, almost unbearable ways, and leading to Violet's slow and terrible physical decline. Feed was a finalist in the 2002 National Book Award for Young People's Literature, and won the 2003 Boston Globe-Horn Book Award for Fiction.


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