1. What kind of animal does George compare Martha's father to?

2. What was Honey's father's profession?

3. What department does George work for?

4. What department is Nick going to work in?

5. When Honey is on the floor of the bathroom, what does she start doing?

6. Before the guests come in, George warns Martha not to talk about

7. When Martha's father will not allow George to publish his novel, George tries to convince him by saying that

8. Martha is disappointed in George because

9. The following day is supposed to be their son's

10. Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf premiered in New York City in

11. Martha and Nick do not have sex because

12. George was an athlete in college. What sport did he play?

13. What part of Nick's work does George hate and fear?

14. What is the activity that Honey suddenly decides she wants to do?

15. What does Honey reveal to George that she is afraid of?

16. Why did Honey and Nick get married?

17. What kind of flowers does George bring to Martha?

18. What does George do while Nick and Martha are necking?

19. What kind of alcohol does Honey drink?

20. Where did Honey and Nick come from?

21. What happened when Martha and George were learning to box?

22. What do Nick and Martha knock into while they are necking?

23. What animals do Nick and George compare the women of the University to?

24. Who is the oldest character in the play?

25. What language does George recite his prayer in?

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