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How is The Age of Innocence characterized?

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What would best characterize New York society?

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At the end of the novel, why is Beaufort shunned from good society?

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Who is Mrs. Manson Mingott?

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Why does May Welland question Archer's eagerness to marry her?

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Why does Ellen Olenska's family wish for her to return to her husband?

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When/where did Edith Wharton write The Age of Innocence?

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Where do May Welland and Newland Archer officially announce their engagement?

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Why does Old New York consider Ellen to be so unorthodox?

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Why does Edith Wharton use so many details in The Age of Innocence?

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Why does Newland Archer seek the advice of the van der Luydens soon after the arrival of Ellen Olenska?

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Why does Ellen return to Europe near the end of the novel?

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Ellen Olenska is reluctant to consummate her love for Newland Archer because:

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Why doesn't Newland Archer call off his engagement to May Welland?

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Why is Newland Archer disillusioned with his marriage to May Welland?

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Who is Ellen Olenska running away from when she leaves for Skuytercliff?

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Who is the French tutor?

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At Newport, May wins first place at:

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After selling her little bohemian flat in New York, to where does Ellen Olenska move?

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In Boston, what does Archer learn?

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Why is Mrs. Lemuel Struthers viewed by Old New York as "common"?

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After May's death, where does Archer reunite with Ellen?

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What character flaws does Newland Archer possess?

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Why are Mrs. Medora Manson's eccentricities accepted by Old New York society?

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What brings on Mrs. Manson Mingott's stroke ?

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