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During what conflict does Alas, Babylon take place?

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Randy Bragg lives on what street?

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Florence Wechek works at the

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Mark Bragg is a(n)

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Mark's wife is named

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Randy's girlfriend, at the time the novel begins, is named

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Who of the following does not live on River Road?

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Dan Gunn is a

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Residents of Fort Repose refer to the day that nuclear war begins as

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When it becomes clear that money will soon be worthless, Edgar Quisenberry

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After the destruction of Washington, _____ takes over as President of the U.S.A.

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The destruction of what city knocks out power in Fort Repose?

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Lib McGovern's mother dies of

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Who does not move in with Randy in the aftermath of the nuclear war?

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Porky Logan transmits radiation poisoning to several people in Fort Repose by selling them contaminated

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In order to get people to help with Porky Logan's burial, Randy

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Helen has a moment of temporary insanity, in which she thinks that Randy is

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Which character owns and operates a ham radio?

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Randy takes charge of law enforcement in Fort Repose because

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Which character gets beaten up by robbers?

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On Easter Sunday, Randy marries

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Who gets killed in the shootout with the robbers?

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What happens to the sole surviving robber?

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How does Randy find a supply of salt?

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Who shows up in a helicopter at the end of the book, and who does he tell them won the war?