Quinn is the proverbial all-American boy on paper. His attributes tick all of the traditional boxes: loyal son, star athlete, and popular student. However, it takes Quinn a while to learn who he truly is, and the process is often uncomfortable. In the wake of witnessing Rashad’s brutal arrest, Quinn upsets his mother, alienates some of his former friends, and risks his success on the basketball team as he wrestles with his beliefs about racism and pursues self-awareness. Guzzo’s aggression toward him is often violent, but once Quinn makes up his mind, he doesn’t back down from Guzzo. Quinn’s discussions with Jill and English cause him to consider some unpleasant truths about himself and his white privilege, but once he understands them, he does not back down from those either. By the end of the novel, Quinn understands the importance of fighting for racial justice and stands in solidarity with Rashad.