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What is the name of Rawlins' horse?

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How was Alfonsa injured?

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Who is Armando?

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When John Grady and Rawlins first meet him, what does Blevins have concealed in the bib of his overalls?

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What town is John Grady from?

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What gift does John Grady's father give him at the start of the novel?

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What is the captain's first name?

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In what year did John Grady's great-grandfather first build a house on his newly claimed ranch?

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What is the real Jimmy Blevins--not the boy who calls himself by that name--famous for?

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What is the name of the man with whom Alfonsa fell in love?

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What does Blevins shoot to demonstrate his excellent marksmanship?

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What does the Texas judge NOT ask John Grady Cole?

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What surprising offer do the Mexican wax-makers make to John Grady?

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What is the name of the girl who breaks up with John Grady before he leaves for Mexico?

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How many people, if any, does John Grady kill in this novel?

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Who pays the bribe to get Rawlins and John Grady out of the Saltillo prison?

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What does John Grady do to treat the bullet wound he suffers while rescuing the horses?

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What day is it when John Grady Cole finally returns to the United States?

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What is the last name of the lawyer who John Grady goes to see at the beginning of the novel, in San Angelo?

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What does the name of Don Hector's ranch mean in English?

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