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What is Strether’s relationship to Mrs. Newsome?

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From what town do Strether and Chad come from?

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When he was younger, Strether was married and had how many children?

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Throughout the novel, where does Strether go when he needs advice?

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Where does Strether meet Waymarsh at the opening of the novel?

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What is the name of the street on which Chad Newsome has an apartment?

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What does Miss Gostrey say of little Bilham when Strether first introduces her to him?

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What does Strether intend to do in Europe?

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What physical attribute strikes Strether as impressive about Chad when he first meets him?

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How do people in Strether’s hometown describe Paris?

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What is Gloriani’s profession?

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Why does Madame de Vionnet live apart from her husband?

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Where does Strether first see little Bilham?

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Miss Gostrey knew Madame de Vionnet in school when the madame was how old?

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For whom is Mamie Pocock waiting when Strether finds her on the balcony?

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With whom is Chad in a relationship?

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Whom does Mrs. Newsome send to replace Strether as ambassador?

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In what church does Strether run into Madame de Vionnet?

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Where do Sarah and Strether have their ultimate confrontation?

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Who gets blamed for Chad’s failure to return to the United States?

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Where do Sarah, Jim, and Mamie Pocock go, along with Waymarsh, at the end of the novel?

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How does Strether travel out of town during his last week in Paris?

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What relation does Chad have with the lady Strether sees him riding a boat with in a Parisian suburb?

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With whom does Chad go away after he is spotted in the boat?

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What does Chad decide to do at the end of the novel?