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How did the Marquis de Bellegarde die?

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How does Newman first hear of Claire de Cintré?

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Newman's relationship to Mrs. Tristram is best described as:

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Which of the following best exemplifies the paradox of Tom Tristram's relationship to America?

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When Newman decides to expose the Bellegardes' secret, he first pays a visit to:

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Newman's proof of the Marquise's misdeed is:

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Which man ultimately falls for Noémie Nioche affections?

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Over what or whom do Valentin and Stanislas Kapp duel?

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What drastic action does Claire take when her marriage to Newman is effectively prevented?

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What does the young Marquise ask Newman to secretly do when she sees him during the performance of Don Giovanni?

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How do Tom Tristram and Newman meet?

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What eventually happens to the Marquis' note?

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Who is Mrs. Bread?

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Which of the following best describes Newman's childhood?

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How did Newman make his money?

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What is the Bellegardes' fundamental objection to their daughter marrying Newman?

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How does Noémie respond to the news that a duel will take place over her?

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Newman thinks that Noémie has spent her life trying to become a woman like:

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How does Newman offer to help Noémie make her place in the world?

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Which best describes the engagement between Newman and Claire?

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Newman's plan to woo Claire de Cintré is aided by the critical support of which member of the Bellegarde family?

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How does Valentin respond to the news that his family has prevented Claire from marrying Newman?

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Who is Lord Deepmere?

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How does Valentin help to orchestrate Newman's revenge?

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What is the eventual success of Newman's revenge?

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Newman's sudden revelation in the course of his revenge against the Bellegardes is best compared to:

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What poignant reason does Claire give for breaking off the engagement with Newman?