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Who decides that Asher should undertake a more structured study of art after his Bar Mitzvah?

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Why does Asher's father leave home?

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Why does Rivkeh go to college

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How does Asher first come to possess oil paints?

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What foreign country is the object of Asher's fascination when he is younger?

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What does Asher do the summer before entering High School

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The inclusion of which types of paintings in Asher's art show particularly annoys his father?

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How does Asher's mother encourage her son's artistic work?

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Why, during the summer in Provincetown, does Jacob tell Asher he is beginning to become a whore?

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What is Asher's father's job

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Who is Yudel Krinsky?

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Where does Asher grow up?

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Where does Asher have his art shows?

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Where in Europe does Asher live for a year?

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What happens as a result of Asher showing his Crucifixion paintings?