1. Which of the following does Lewis consider a serious flaw of the American middle class?

2. Why is Howard Littlefield popular with the Zenith business community?

3. What is Ted's main interest?

4. How would Seneca Doane's political philosophy best be described?

5. How would Prout's political philosophy best be described?

6. How would Verona's beliefs best be characterized?

7. How does Babbitt feel about his father-in-law?

8. How would Babbitt's relationship with Myra best be characterized?

9. Why does Zilla nag Riesling so much?

10. How would religion in Zenith best be described?

11. Why does Babbitt join his church's committee to improve Sunday School attendance?

12. What does Seneca Doane dislike about Zenith?

13. Why does Babbitt value a college education?

14. What do Babbitt and his friends think about Prohibition?

15. What did Riesling want to do when he was young?

16. What did Babbitt want to do when he was young?

17. Why did Babbitt marry Myra?

18. What is the purpose of the Good Citizen's League?

19. How would Sir Gerald Doak best be described?

20. What happens after Riesling shoots Zilla during an argument?

21. How would Tanis' bohemian friends best be described?

22. Why does Babbitt end his affair with Tanis?

23. What crisis prompts Babbitt to return to his conventional middle-class lifestyle after a brief rebellion?

24. How does Babbitt react to Ted's decision to elope and drop out of college?

25. How is Babbitt changed after he returns to his conventional, middle-class life?

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