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Where do the Bedwetters go for an overnight camping trip, during which they first visit the buffalo preserve for the first time?

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According to Lally two, who lives in his family's sauna?

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What happens during John Cotton's dream at the very beginning of the novel?

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Who shoots Cotton in his dream?

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When he awakens from his dream, how does Cotton first realize that Lally two is missing?

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What is the result of the vote on whether or not to leave the camp for the night?

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Which Native American tribe name represents the most respected cabin at camp?

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Who does the group fear sees them as they leave the camp?

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Which movie do the Bedwetters sneak out of camp one night to watch?

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Of what does Goodenow have a profound fear?

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What is "bumping?"

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What do the boys see upon reaching the top of Mingus Mountain?

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What do the Bedwetters call their fictional band during their encounter with the bowlers?

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How do the boys force the bowlers to stop bothering them?

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What happens when the Bedwetters are only a few miles from the buffalo preserve?

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Why does Cotton vote against completing their mission?

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On what does Goodenow slip and fall in the buffalo preserve?

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How do the shooters get the opportunity to kill the buffalo?

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What reaction do the Bedwetters have to the killings?

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How does Lally two surprise the rest of the group while at the buffalo preserve?

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How does Cotton propose they scare the buffalo out of the pens?

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What beverage do the Bedwetters share upon freeing the buffalo?

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Where does Cotton intend to release the buffalo to true freedom?

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What does Lally two leave behind in the pens?

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As the boys feed the buffalo hay out of the back of the truck, how do the animals and the boys interact?