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What concept does Coates believe Americans have made into a god?

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What does Coates’ mother teach him to do at four years old?

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What happens in the 7-Eleven parking lot when Coates is a kid?

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What event makes Samori go into his room and cry?

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What is Coates’ biggest fear?

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What concept does Coates say that all the violence on the streets comes from?

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Whose philosophies does Coates most closely relate to?

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Which war is Coates most interested in?

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Why does the Coates family move to New York?

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What does Coates call Howard University?

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What other type of writing does Coates relate to Malcolm X?

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Who/what is Samori named after?

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What does the woman with the dreadlocks teach Coates?

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What job did Dr. Jones have?

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What are the “two heads of the same beast”?

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What career does Coates finally choose while in college?

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Who kills Prince Jones?

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How does Coates feel when looking out at the 9/11 destruction?

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Why does Coates feel bad about yelling at the woman who pushed Samori?

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Which place has a significant impact on Coates when he travels there?

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What is America’s primary export at the outset of the Civil War?

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What does Coates witness in Chicago while shadowing police officers?

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What emotion does Coates feel when the host of the news show asks him about hope?

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What resource does Coates have an unusual amount of access to as a child?

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What does Coates see a photo of that makes him want to travel abroad?