1. Why does Bruno’s family leave Berlin?

2. Before being brought to Out-With, what profession did Pavel work in?

3. What can Bruno see from his window in the house at Out-With?

4. Where Lieutenant Kotler’s father flee to before the war began?

5. What was Grandmother’s job when she was younger?

6. Where is Out-With located?

7. What is Bruno’s nickname for Gretel?

8. What is Bruno’s favorite feature of his family’s house in Berlin?

9. Which of the following is NOT one of the reasons Bruno dislikes Lieutenant Kotler?

10. What kind of books does Bruno like to read most?

11. Why does Maria feel loyal to Father?

12. What is Shmuel doing when Bruno finds him in the kitchen of his family’s house?

13. Why was Grandmother upset during the family’s most recent Christmas celebration?

14. When Gretel gets rid of her dolls, what does she replace them with?

15. Who is Mother’s closest friend at Out-With?

16. Which subjects does Herr Liszt insist on teaching?

17. What event causes Mother to convince Father to let her return to Berlin with the children?

18. What’s the weather like on the day of Bruno and Shmuel’s final meeting?

19. Who is “the Fury”?

20. What “medicinal” drink does Mother consume regularly at Out-With?

21. What does Bruno bring to his meetings with Shmuel?

22. Which of the following is NOT something Bruno misses about his old life in Berlin?

23. When Bruno asks Father who the people in the striped pajamas are, what does Father say in response?

24. On their last day together, why does Bruno join Shmuel on his side of the fence?

25. What happens to Father after Bruno’s disappearance?