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What food does the blind man sell outside Inman’s hospital window?

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How does Inman leave the hospital?

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What song runs through Ada’s head after she looks into Esco Swanger’s well?

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What weapon does Inman use to fight off his three attackers at the crossroad settlement?

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What is the name of the river Inman crosses in a dugout canoe?

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What possession does Ruby trade for food?

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What precious commodity does Ada find in the farmhouse basement?

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Why did Ruby spend a night alone in the woods as a child?

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Who or what does Veasey think Inman is when the two first meet?

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Who is Waldo?

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Toward which state is Veasey headed?

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What is the name of the slave girl for whom Odell is searching?

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How does Ruby feel about crows?

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What bird does Ruby claim fathered her?

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What European heritage does Ada have?

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What surprising thing does the slave who looks after Inman following his near-death experience do?

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Which Shakespeare play does Ada read out loud to Ruby after they plait each other’s hair?

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According to the Cherokee tale Inman tells Ada, how many days does the Stranger tell the villagers they must fast in order to enter the peaceful world above Shining Rocks?

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What terrible battle does Inman have a recurring nightmare about?

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What present does the goat-woman give to Inman when he leaves her camp?

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What unusual object does Stobrod put inside the body of his fiddle?

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What line from one of Stobrod’s songs does Ada write in a letter to Inman?

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What makes the strange musical sound Inman hears by the spring?

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What eighth deadly sin does Inman invent to describe his feelings about killing and eating the bear cub?

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What do Ada and Inman propose to do with the old arrow they find stuck in a tree near the Cherokee village?