Cyrano de Bergerac

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Scene 2.XI.

Full Text Scene 2.XI.

Scene 2.XI.

Cyrano, Christian, the Gascons, the musketeer, Lise.

A CADET (half opening the door):
Naught here!. . .The silence of the grave!
I dare not look. . .
(He puts his head in):
Why?. . .

ALL THE CADETS (entering, and seeing Cyrano and Christian embracing):
Oh!. . .

This passes all!


THE MUSKETEER (mockingly):
Ho, ho!. . .

Our demon has become a saint?
Struck on one nostril--lo! he turns the other!

Then we may speak about his nose, henceforth!. . .
(Calling to Lise, boastfully):
--Ah, Lise, see here!
(Sniffing ostentatiously):
O heavens!. . .what a stink!. . .
(Going up to Cyrano):
You, sir, without a doubt have sniffed it up!
--What is the smell I notice here?

CYRANO (cuffing his head):

(General delight. The cadets have found the old Cyrano again! They turn somersaults.)