Cyrano: Roxane!
Roxane: It was you.
Cyrano: No, Roxane, no!

In the fifth and final act, Roxane begins to realize that Cyrano wrote all the letters and spoke outside her window on Christian’s behalf. As dusk settles, Cyrano begins to read Christian’s last letter out loud. Roxane is amazed at his ability to read so well in the read. Cyrano is reciting the letter from memory. Seeing tears roll down his face, she conjectures that the tears on the letter were his all along. Cyrano says that the blood was Christian’s. Cyrano’s declaration is symbolic because his tears and Christian’s blood have combined on the letter. Together they represent the collaboration that formed the man—the “romantic hero”—that Roxane loves.

When Roxane accuses him of writing and speaking on Christian’s behalf, Cyrano firmly denies it. Roxane refuses to believe him and laments that she has loved only one man, and lost him twice.