1. What ailment does Johnny have?

2. What is Gunther's occupation?

3. Who is the family doctor for the Gunthers?

4. What does Johnny do in his garage?

5. What non-fat, no-salt diet is Johnny put on?

6. What must be done to Johnny's head every day?

7. What school does Johnny go to?

8. What substance, for its first time ever, does Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital administer to Johnny?

9. In what subject does Johnny write up fifty-four experiments at the New York Public Library?

10. What book does Gunther publish during the course of Johnny's illness?

11. What do the Gunthers call Johnny's tumor?

12. To which famous scientist does Johnny write a letter?

13. Which side of Johnny is weakened considerably?

14. What water sport does Johnny love most of all?