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Who refuses to speak at the everyman’s funeral?

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What type of store did Howie and the everyman’s father own?

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Who or what does the everyman think of the night before the surgery that kills him?

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What happens to the everyman after he returns to Manhattan from his trip to Martha’s Vineyard with Phoebe?

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What illness or disease does the everyman have that his father and uncle also had?

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How much time passes between the everyman’s first serious illness and his next hospitalization?

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What is the everyman’s favorite form of exercise?

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Which of the everyman’s wives/love interests is the least supportive when he is ill?

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What does Howie hire for the everyman to help him after his first heart operation?

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What happens while the everyman is recovering from his surgery and having an affair with Maureen?

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Where is the family burial ground?

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After 9/11, to where does the everyman move?

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Who is the only person the everyman misses from his former life in New York?

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What does the everyman have permanently installed in his body?

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What does the everyman teach at his retirement community?

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What is Millicent Kramer, one of the everyman’s students, suffering from?

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How does Millicent Kramer die?

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What does the everyman stop doing that Nancy tries to persuade him to do again?

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At what age does the everyman start to notice women everywhere?

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To which city do Merete and the everyman travel to continue their affair?

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What event causes the everyman to return home from his trip with Merete?

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What was the everyman planning to do that he cancelled after Phoebe’s stroke?

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How does Ezra Pollock say he is feeling when the everyman calls him to talk about Ezra’s terminal cancer?

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After learning he is to have another carotid artery surgery, where does the everyman want to go on holiday?

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What is the job of the man the everyman meets in the cemetery he visits before his final surgery?