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Exit West is a novel written by British-Pakistani writer Mohsin Hamid, published in 2017. The narrative follows the story of Nadia and Saeed, two young lovers living in an unnamed city on the brink of civil war. As their city becomes increasingly dangerous, the couple discovers the existence of mysterious doors that serve as portals to different parts of the world. Using these doors, Nadia and Saeed navigate a global landscape, facing challenges and transformations as they seek safety and a place to call home.

The novel delves into themes of love, migration, and the human experience in the face of conflict and displacement. Hamid’s unique approach to storytelling, incorporating elements of magical realism with the metaphorical use of the doors, offers a fresh perspective on the plight of refugees and the universal quest for a better life.

Published during a time when issues of migration and displacement were at the forefront of global consciousness, Exit West resonates with contemporary discussions about borders, identity, and the shared humanity of people on the move. The novel’s exploration of the impact of geopolitical forces on individual lives adds depth to its portrayal of a world in flux.

Read the full book summary, an in-depth character analayis of Saeed, and explanations of important quotes from Exit West.

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