White Fang

White Fang is the main character of the book. His mother was half wolf, half dog. His father was full wolf. He starts his life in the wild, but becomes more and more of a dog after he and Kiche, his mother, go to the Indian camp. He is naturally quite strong and agile, but other dogs and humans are mean to him so he turns these skills into fighting skills, becoming fierce and unloved. It is only when he meets Scott, the first human to ever show kindness to him, that his character changes and he becomes a loving dog.


Henry appears only in the first section of White Fang. He is mushing with Bill and is the more thoughtful and less impulsive of the two. He tries to use his wit to escape the wolves, but is saved only by luck.


Bill also is only in the first section of White Fang. He is much more morose than Henry, and his impulsiveness with the gun causes him to be eaten by the wolves.


Kiche is White Fang's mother, also known as the "she-wolf." She is half wolf, half dog, and escaped from an Indian camp during a famine.

One Eye

One Eye is White Fang's father. He is full wolf and kills his rivals to mate with Kiche.

Gray Beaver

A harsh man, Gray Beaver is White Fang's first master. Although he shows no affection for his dog, White Fang bonds to him out of a certain mutual respect. It is only when he becomes addicted to alcohol that he is willing to sell White Fang.


The bane of White Fang's existence, Lip-lip is another pup in the Indian village who robs White Fang of any puppyhood by turning all the dogs against him.


Gray Beaver's son, who runs White Fang and the other dogs on a sled.

Beauty Smith

An ugly man, both inside and out, Beauty Smith trains White Fang to become a fighting dog.

Weedon Scott

Scott is White Fang's first loving master. He saves White Fang from the bulldog and slowly gain's White Fang's trust, and finally his love.


Matt is Scott's musher. He feeds White Fang and works him on the sled during the day.


Collie does not trust White Fang at first because she is a sheep dog, but he works his way into her confidence, and they become mates.

Judge Scott

Weedon Scott's father, Judge Scott does not believe in White Fang until after White Fang saves his life, he then calls the dog the "Blessed Wolf."

Jim Hall

A criminal, Jim Hall escapes from the prison after he is unjustly sentenced by Judge Scott. He tries to take vengeance on Judge Scott, but is attacked by White Fang.

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