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How long does the Civil War last?

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How is Eb related to Jethro?

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Including Jethro, how many Creighton children are living at the start of the novel?

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How did Jethro's sister Mary die?

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Which one of Jethro's brothers is married?

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How many of Jethro's siblings died of child's paralysis?

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Why does Matt Creighton not allow Jenny and Shadrach to be married?

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Ellen's cousin, Wilse Graham, is from where?

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Which one of Jethro's brothers is killed during the war?

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How does Mr. Burdow redeem himself to the Creightons?

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Why do men burn down the Creightons' barn and put oil in the well?

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What does Jethro do when he discovers Eb in the woods?

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Who is the seemingly invincible general of the Confederate Army?

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Whose army takes Savannah and then marches up from the South?

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Why are the actions of Sherman's army controversial?

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Why does Jenny go to Washington DC?

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Who does John see during the war?

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What physical ailment does Matt Creighton have?

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Why are northern states angry with President Lincoln?

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What is Jethro's biggest responsibility at home?

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What does Jenny do that angers Jethro?

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Why does Jethro refuse to tell his parents about Eb?

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On whom does Ross Milton rely to help the country after the war?

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What does Bill want John to tell the family?

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What happens to Jethro after the war is over?