1. Where does Howard Roark stay during his years at Stanton?

2. Why does Peter Keating choose to go to New York and work for Guy Francon?

3. Why does Henry Cameron initially ask Roark to leave his office?

4. What is Roark’s first building?

5. Why does Roark go work in Connecticut?

6. Why does Roark send another worker in his place to set the marble stone in Dominique’s fireplace?

7. Why does Dominique criticize the drawings of the Enright House?

8. Why is Gail Wynand’s yacht called I Do?

9. Why does Roark accept the Stoddard commission even though he has serious reservations about it?

10. Why does Stephen Mallory try to kill Ellsworth Toohey?

11. On whose behalf does Dominique craftily testify at the Stoddard Trial?

12. What is the first thing we see Gail Wynand doing?

13. Why does Toohey send Wynand the statue of Dominique?

14. Why does Mike love Roark?

15. Why does Dominique suddenly regret her marriage to Gail Wynand and feel sorry for him?

16. Why is Roark hired to design the Monadnock Valley resort?

17. How does Roark defend himself at the Stoddard trial?

18. How does Dominique change Gail Wynand?

19. What is the Council of American Builders?

20. What does Dominique do after Roark destroys the Cortlandt Homes?

21. For the Cortlandt trial, what kind of men does Roark look for when selecting the jury?

22. At whom does Roark first look after he is acquitted?

23. How does Dominique make her affair with Roark public?

24. Why does Wynand hire Roark to design the Wynand Building?

25. What does Roark do after Wynand and the Banner abandon him?