Maxwell (Max) Kane

A 12-year-old boy who is the narrator and protagonist of the novel. Max lives with his grandparents because his father is in prison for killing his mother. Max is very big for his age and looks like his father, so people fear him, but he is actually very sensitive and kind. Max doesn’t think he’s very smart, and he doesn’t have any friends before he meets Freak. Max is the physical strength half of “Freak the Mighty.”

Kevin (Freak) Avery

A 12-year-old boy who moves into the house next door to Max. Kevin, whom Max refers to as “Freak,” is extremely intelligent and has a quick and sarcastic wit. He also has a condition called Morquio syndrome that affects his growth and mobility. He is very small for his age, wears leg braces, and uses crutches to get around. Freak doesn’t have any friends before he meets Max. Freak is the brains half of “Freak the Mighty.”


Max’s maternal grandfather, who Max lives with after his mother’s death. Grim loves Max, but he also recognizes the physical similarities between Max and his father, Kenneth “Killer” Kane, and worries that Max could be like his father in other ways.


Max’s maternal grandmother and wife of Grim. Gram is warm and sweet. She loves Max and worries about him constantly.

Kenneth (Kenny) Kane, also known as Killer Kane

Max’s father, who is in prison for killing Max’s mother. Kenny “Killer” Kane is big, strong, cruel, and manipulative. Gram refers to him as an “accident of nature.”

Loretta Lee

A woman from a dangerous part of town who knew Max’s mother and father when they were younger.

Iggy Lee

Loretta Lee’s husband and former friend of Kenny Kane.

Gwen (Fair Gwenivere) Avery

Kevin’s mother and a childhood friend of Max’s mother, Annie.

Tony D. (Blade)

A dangerous bully from Max and Freak's school.

Mrs. Addison

The principal at Max and Freak’s school.

Mrs. Donelli

Max and Freak’s English teacher.

Dr. Spivak

Freak’s doctor.