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What is the name of Ethan Frome’s hometown?

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With whom does the narrator lodge?

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What brings the narrator to Ethan Frome’s house?

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Who does Ethan wait for outside the church hall?

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What is taking place in the church hall?

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Which young man has an obvious romantic interest in Mattie?

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What color is the scarf that Mattie wears at the dance?

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In what season does Ethan Frome take place?

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What is the name of Ethan’s wife?

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Why does Zeena decide to go away for a night?

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How did Ethan come to marry his wife?

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What does Mattie make for dinner when she and Ethan are alone?

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Who breaks Zeena’s favorite dish?

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What name is on the gravestone that Ethan often looks at?

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What do Ethan and Mattie do when they are alone together at night?

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What does Ethan buy in town in Chapter 6?

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When Zeena returns, what does she tell Ethan?

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What is Zeena’s plan for coming up with more money?

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What does Zeena discover after supper on the day of her return from Bettsbridge?

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Who does Zeena want to drive Mattie to the train?

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Who actually drives Mattie to the train?

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From whom does Ethan plan to get money in order to elope with Mattie?

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What do Mattie and Ethan do together before her train arrives?

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What does Mattie convince Ethan to do at the end of Chapter 9?

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Whom does the narrator find in Ethan’s house?