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Which character has just been murdered when the book begins?

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Who does Sheriff Mapes thinks murdered Beau?

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Who actually murdered Beau?

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Who owns the Marshall Plantation?

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Why does Fix decide not to revenge his son's death?

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Why doesn't Mapes immediately arrest someone for the crime?

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Who is Candy's boyfriend?

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Who is Candy most trying to protect?

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Which Black man thinks that everyone should just go home and not fight?

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Why does everyone in the area know Gil Bauton?

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What characters are killed during the shootout?

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What crop is primarily grown on the plantation?

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Who runs the local bar/corner store?

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Who is the maid in the Marshall house?

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Who is the child narrator in the novel?

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Which character fought during the First World War?

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Which characters are shot but not killed during the shootout?

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What does Jack Marshall do after Beau's murder?

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Which people took over Candy's education after her parents' death?

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Who leads the crew to revenge Beau's death?

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What do the would-be lynchers do before going to the plantation?

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What does Candy want the men to bring to Mathu's house?

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Who does not confess to killing Beau Boutan?

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Why does everyone think that Mathu killed Beau?

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What does Miss Merle bring to the plantation in the afternoon?