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Who fathered Regina?

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Before she married Captain Alving, whom was Mrs. Alving most interested in?

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What sort of memorial is Mrs. Alving building to honor the late Captain?

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With what sort of institution does Jakob Engstrand compare his planned establishment for sailors?

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Where did Ibsen live most of his life?

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"Ghosts" was completed in:

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Of what does Pastor Manders successfully convince Mrs. Alving?

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What knowledge does Pastor Manders believe will turn public opinion against him?

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Who is Johanna?

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Whose daughter does Engstrand believe Regina to be?

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What does Oswald do by profession?

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Why is Regina hesitant to join Mrs. Alving and Oswald for champagne?

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Why does Oswald return home?

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In which way does Oswald differ from his father?

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Which of the following does Pastor Manders condemn?

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How does the weather change at the very end of "Ghosts"?

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At the start of the play, Pastor Manders realizes which of the following facts?

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What is Jakob Engstrand by profession?

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Who is the last person to leave the ruins of the asylum?

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How does Mrs. Alving first learn that Oswald is flirting with Regina?

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At the beginning of the play, Mrs. Alving expects Oswald to receive which of the following?

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Which of the following words is not a good description of Mrs. Alving's feelings for the pastor?

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How does Oswald first appear?

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How is "Ghosts" structured?

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What does Oswald carry in order to be ready for emergencies?