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La Esmerelda's real name is:

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In which part of Paris is Notre Dame located?

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Who saves La Esmerelda in front of Notre Dame?

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Who his Claude Frollo's real brother?

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What does the word Quasimodo mean?

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Where is Pierre Gringoire from?

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In which period of French history does the novel take place?

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What is Gringoire's play called?

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Who disrupts Gringoire's play?

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Who is elected Pope of Fools?

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Who is La Esmerelda's real mother?

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How do Frollo's parents die?

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What does the word "Phoebus" mean in Greek?

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Who kills Phoebus?

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Who does Frollo spy together?

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How does Sister Gudule think her child died?

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What other epic novel is Hugo famous for writing?

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Who does La Esmerelda marry for four years?

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What color eyes does La Esmerelda have?

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When did Hugo publish the novel?

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What color is La Esmerelda's dress?

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Who visits La Esmerelda in the dungeon?

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Which painter inspired Hugo to write like and evoke his paintings?

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