1. How does Christopher McCandless die in the wild?

2. What kind of vehicle does Christopher McCandless live in during his stay in Denali National Park?

3. What first name does Christopher McCandless give to most people he encounters on his journey to Alaska?

4. What is Christopher McCandless doing when he is first introduced to the reader?

5. What is the destination of Christopher McCandless’s canoe trip down the Colorado River?

6. How does Christopher McCandless meet Wayne Westerberg?

7. What job does Christopher McCandless work in Bullhead City, Arizona?

8. Why does Ronald Franz take Christopher McCandless into his home?

9. What do Ronald Franz and Christopher McCandless make together?

10. What book does Christopher McCandless give to Wayne Westerberg?

11. Where did Christopher McCandless grow up?

12. What was Christopher McCandless’s leadership role at Emory University?

13. What is Christopher McCandless’s sister’s name?

14. Which of these technologies does Christopher McCandless’s father build?

15. What secret did Walt McCandless keep from his children with Billie McCandless?

16. What is the Stampede Trail?

17. What was the name of the Alaska glacier climbed by Jon Krakauer?

18. Which figure does the narrator, Jon Krakauer, say most resembles Christopher McCandless?

19. What does Christopher McCandless acquire at the Fairbanks university bookstore?

20. How does Christopher McCandless finally view his success in killing a moose?

21. How does Wayne Westerberg hear of Christopher McCandless’s death?

22. What kind of seeds might have poisoned Christopher McCandless?

23. Who accompanies Jon Krakauer on his last visit to the site of Christopher McCandless’s death?

24. Why couldn’t Christopher McCandless leave Denali National Park?

25. What does Jon Krakauer use as the occasion for his final description of Christopher McCandless?