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What is Willie's position when he first meets Jack?

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Why does Jack's mother come home early the night Jack nearly sleeps with Anne Stanton?

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How does Willie defeat the impeachment attempt?

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Why does Judge Irwin accept the bribe?

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Why does Jack marry Lois?

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Why is Tom Stark always in the papers?

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Who helps Willie overcome his first hangover?

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How does Tiny embarrass himself at the picnic in Upton?

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What event prompts Annabelle Trice to sell Phebe?

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Who tells Adam Stanton about Willie's affair with Anne Stanton?

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Where does Jack attend college?

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What happens to the child Tom may have fathered with Sibyl Frey?

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How does Tom Stark die?

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Who reveals to Jack that Judge Irwin once had a financial crisis?

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Where does Jack go when he learns about Anne's affair with Willie?

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With what metaphor does Jack portray his philosophy that no one is responsible for anything?

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Where does Lucy go after she leaves Willie?

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Who is Jack's father?

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What does Jack do before divorcing Lois?

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Where do Jack and Anne live at the end of the novel?

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Where does the specialist who looks at Tom's injury come from?

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Who does Willie campaign for after he loses his first gubernatorial election?

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Why does Hugh Miller resign?

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Who usually drives Willie's Cadillac?

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Who does Willie say he will name the new hospital after?

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What tragedy propels Willie's political career?