Krik? Krak! is a collection of nine short stories by Haitian-American author Edwidge Danticat that was first published in 1995. A finalist for the National Book Award, Krik? Krak! examines the lives of ordinary Haitians, particularly those struggling to survive under the brutal Duvalier regime. Danticat skillfully illuminates the distance between people’s desires and the stifling reality of their lives.


Read brief plot summaries of the nine stories in Krik? Krak!.


See a complete list of the characters in Krik? Krak! as well as in-depth analyses of Grace from “Caroline’s Wedding;” Josephine from “Nineteen Thirty-Seven;” Lamort from “The Missing Peace;” Princesse from “Seeing Things Simply;” and Marie from “Between the Pool and the Gardenias.”

Literary Devices

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Deeper Study

Go further in your study of Krik? Krak! with background information about Edwidge Danticat as well as historical context about Haiti.


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