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What is the name of True Son's Indian village?

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Why do Gordie and True Son go to see Bejance?

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Where is True Son given back to his white father?

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Why did Myra Butler take to her bed?

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Why is Little Crane ambushed by Uncle Wilse?

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Who is Make Daylight?

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In what season did True Son and Half Arrow return to their homeland?

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What is the name of Uncle Wilse's son

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Which two men are identified as leaders of the Paxton boys?

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Why doesn't True Son carry out his plan to commit suicide?

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Why does Del Hardy know so much about the Delaware Indians?

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In what year is True Son taken from his Indian family?

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Why does True Son ruin the Indians' ambush attempt?

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Who is the only white who does not view True Son's Indian behavior as strange?

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Who are the "Paxton boys?"

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What does True Son dream of the night before he is supposed to help ambush a boat of white settlers?

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Why don't True Son and Half Arrow cut out Uncle Wilse's heart?

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What does the doctor think is the main reason for True Son's illness?

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What is True Son's full English name?

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Why don't the Indians have many worldly possessions?

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What are two motifs in The Light in the Forest?

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What is the Indian name for the Delaware language?

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One of the stories Cuyloga tells True Son involves the time Cuyloga killed which of the following?

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Why can't True Son sleep the first night after he arrives in Paxton Township?

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Uncle Wilse's violent attitude most closely relates to the attitude of whom?