1. When Gertrudis returns, she is

2. When Rosaura's milk is dry, Esperanza is fed with

3. What happens to the chickens?

4. At Rosaura's wedding, the guests are struck by fits of

5. Rosaura suffers from

6. The ghost of Mama Elena turns into

7. When Chencha returns, she is

8. Baby Roberto dies

9. As a token of his love, Pedro offers Tita

10. When the rebels come to the house, they

11. Why does John Brown go to the United States?

12. Tita is cured by

13. Mama Elena bathes

14. Tita returns to the ranch

15. Three Kings Day happens during which month?

16. When Tita is pregnant, she

17. Tita is born

18. Tita begins her bedspread

19. Who names Esperanza?

20. Where does the family live?

21. Where does Tita recover from her breakdown?

22. Who knows all the family recipes?

23. What is the cause of Mama Elena's death?

24. Where do Alex and Esperanza move after their wedding?

25. Pedro is hurt

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