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Long Day's Journey into Night

Full Book Quiz

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1. The second Tyrone child who died in infancy was named:

2. Earlier in life, Tyrone was a:

3. The Tyrone family ancestry originates in:

4. As a young girl, one of Mary's dreams was to be:

5. Edmund is inflicted with:

6. Mary is addicted to what drug?

7. The Tyrone's servant is named:

8. Mary's father died of:

9. Tyrone's career as an actor ran dry when he:

10. Other plays by Eugene O'Neill include:

11. Long Day's Journey into Night is best described as:

12. Long Day's Journey into Night was published:

13. Tyrone maintains that the only literature worth reading is:

14. Tyrone and Mary, in terms of religion, are:

15. Structurally, the play is centered around:

16. Tyrone has a strong obsession with:

17. Mary met Tyrone when:

18. When in town late during the night in Act IV, Jamie:

19. Long Day's Journey into Night is one of O'Neill's:

20. At the end of the play, Edmund:

21. The second O'Neill child who died in infancy died:

22. Tyrone's father:

23. The name of the doctor who diagnoses Edmund is:

24. Eugene O'Neill was born in:

25. During Act IV, the Tyrone men hear Mary:

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