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The ship which Jim sails aboard as chief mate which then nearly sinks, leading him to abandon it, is called the:

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Marlow first encounters Jim:

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Patusan is a:

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Jim is put on trial by:

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Who tells Marlow of Jim's final fate?

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Stein was forced to flee Europe because he was a:

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Which of the following is not a business proposition offered to Jim?

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Jewel is the daughter of:

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Marlow repeatedly refers to Jim as:

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Patusan was first visited by Dutch traders in search of:

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In which of the following works does Marlow also appear?

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Which crew member from the Patna does Jim encounter at his first job after the trial?

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At the inquiry the only members of the Patna's crew to appear are:

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Marlow last sees Jim:

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Stein collects:

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Why does the crew assume the Patna has sunk?

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Doramin and the Bugis have come to Patusan from:

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In Patusan Jim gains power by defeating:

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Which of the following is not given to Jim before he goes to Patusan?

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What inspires Jim to become a sailor?

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Jim is:

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Gentleman Brown goes to Patusan in search of:

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Marlow gives Jim:

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A water-clerk is a:

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What kills Dain Waris?