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Mansfield Park was published in:

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The ship on which William Price is lieutenant is the:

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What is the name of Henry Crawford's estate?

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Which play does the group attempt to perform?

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Fanny's sisters Susan and Betsey fight over what keepsake?

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About how old is Fanny when she comes to Mansfield Park?

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Sir Thomas owns a plantation in which colony?

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Which of the following is not one of Fanny's biological siblings?

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Fanny's father is a(n):

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What kind of dogs does Lady Bertram keep as pets?

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Fanny's preferred form of exercise is:

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What gift of William's does Fanny want to wear to the ball at Mansfield?

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Edmund is training to be a(n):

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Mrs. Norris is:

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Who helps William get his promotion?

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By the end of the novel, which of the following has not been a parson at Mansfield Parsonage?

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Where do Fanny's parents live?

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Jane Austen's favorite author was:

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What instrument does Mary Crawford play?

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Which character does not go on the excursion to Sotherton?

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How does Fanny hear of Maria and Henry's elopement?

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Which of the following are Mrs. Norris's children?

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What is the name of Edmund's first parish?

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What poet does Fanny quote regarding Rushworth's planned destruction of the avenue of trees on his estate?

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Whom does Mary Crawford finally marry?