Miss Honey, who is Matilda’s teacher, is revered by all of the students at the school. She is kind, respectful, and a proponent of education and learning. She is the first person Matilda meets, aside perhaps from Mrs. Phelps the librarian, who truly appreciates Matilda’s giftedness. She recognizes that Matilda’s brilliance must be nurtured and supported, and she attempts to garner the support of Miss Trunchbull and Matilda’s parents in helping her develop Matilda’s extraordinary intelligence.

Miss Honey is shy, diminutive, and sweet. She is slowly gaining control of her own life, as evidenced in her living in the tiny cottage, over the oppressive and overpowering Miss Trunchbull, who is her aunt. At the end of the story, with the help of Matilda’s powers, Miss Honey finally breaks free from the chains of Miss Trunchbull and her cruelty. Miss Honey is Matilda’s first ally, a true confidant to Matilda, and by the end of the story she is Matilda’s new mother figure. Together, they form a family.