What are Morrie's religious values? Does he steep himself in the theology of one religion, or many?

How does Morrie's dislike of the media's role in popular culture contradict his willingness to be interviewed by Ted Koppel for the television program "Nightline"?

How has Morrie's childhood affected his behavior as an adult? Explain how each of his family members, including his mother, father, stepmother, and younger brother, have affected his development.

What reasons does Morrie give for rejecting the mores prescribed by the popular culture. How has he created his own culture, and what values does it consist of?

How does Morrie rationalize his thoughts that aging is growth, and not decay, as most people see it?

Explain Morrie's relationship with Ted Koppel. What does Morrie see in Koppel that others fail to?

Who inspired Morrie's passion for books and education? What inspired his passion for people? Why did he decide to become a professor of sociology?