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Number the Stars

Writing Help

Suggested Essay Topics

Writing Help Suggested Essay Topics

Why would seeing a war from a child's perspective provide insights that the reader might not have otherwise? How does the nature of Annemarie's observations elucidate human relations to war?

How does the story of Little Red Riding-Hood create a parallel to Annemarie's own story?

Interactions between children and adults in Number the Stars are often based on the transmission of information or stories. How does the role of information, or lack of information, impact the way that Annemarie views adults?

What role does patriotism play in the story? How is devotion to one's country privileged above all other things? Does this affect the way Jews are treated by non-Jewish Danes?

How does the past impact the way the characters of Number the Stars view the present and the future? What role do Mrs. Johansen's stories play in forming Annemarie's attitude towards the present and her ambitions for the future?