1. Where does Naomi’s mother travel to and never return from?

2. What is the name of the family who owns the beet farm?

3. What is the name of the elderly woman who stays with the family in Slocan?

4. What treasured creation of Uncle’s does the family have to give up to the government?

5. What is Naomi’s profession?

6. What happened to Naomi’s mother?

7. What does Stephen love to do?

8. Who rescued Naomi when she was drowning?

9. To whom does Aunt Emily write the letters?

10. The novel’s first scene is set where?

11. What phrase does Obasan repeat like a mantra?

12. What is in the package Aunt Emily sends Naomi?

13. Who is Old Man Gower?

14. Where did Momotaro emerge from?

15. Why did Naomi’s mother go to Japan?

16. What is the Sick Bay?

Stephen breaks what in 1942?

18. When father returns, what do he and Stephen do together?

19. The white girl accuses Naomi of what misdeed?

20. When Father comes home, Naomi dreams about a being that resembles what?

21. How does Naomi discover the truth about her mother’s fate?

22. Where does Naomi go at the end of the novel?

23. What item of Uncle’s does Obasan find in the attic?

24. Where does Naomi meet Rough Lock Bill?

25. Where is the Barker farm located?